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Renting accommodation in Galway

Posted by Fionnuala on February 3, 2019
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Renting accommodation in Galway in a competitive business.  It is disappointing when you go to a viewing and you think you have found the perfect apartment and you application is not accepted.

If you are looking for an apartment, be prepared to apply in the first instance.

  • Most properties are advertised on daft today with requests to email for a viewing.
  • An application form is usually sent out from letting agents
  • A viewing appointment is scheduled
  • After viewing the apartment if you are interested in renting the property, submission of completed applications forms with current landlord and work references  will give you the best chance to have your application reviewed instantly.
  • In most cases, first approved applicants are offered the apartment
  • Have your deposit ready be transferred immediately on approval of application.

Rents have sky rocketed in Galway over the last few years but Is now rent controlled in the most parts of Galway. Rent increases are calculated taking into to account the new regulations and the RTB calculator is used.

There are exceptions to the rent pressures in the following cases:-

  1. Properties that are new the rental market and have not been let at any time in the previous two years
  2. The property has undergone substantial change.

Not all properties in Rent Pressure Zones are covered by the 4% annual rental cap. Properties exempt include those:

  1. That are new to the rental market and have not been let at any time in the previous two years, and
  2. That have undergone a substantial change which would increase the market value of the property.

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