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We are proud to offer our customers an exceptional property management service when it comes to managing your property. Residential and commercial owners (OMC) must feel that they get value for money from their agent looking after an owner’s management company. (Legal, insurance, maintenance, MUD Act etc).

Effective and efficient property management can make a fundamental difference to property owners who value our hands on approach to managing their investments and going above and beyond to ensure their properties are monitored and looked after.

Our property management services are tailored to the requirements of each Owners Management Company to satisfy the legal framework of each specific company. We strive to provide a quality service to our valued clients at a competitive price.

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Our services are built on trust and integrity

We have built our business on trust and integrity. We work hard to earn your trust by delivering on our promises, being open and honest and providing great value for money.  Offering you the best service is intrinsic in everything we do, and is what gives our clients, colleagues, suppliers, partners and investors the confidence to work with us. We treat everyone individually, offering bespoke advice, which in turn builds long-term relationships and helps them to make better property decisions.

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Customers value our efficient expert service

With over 20 years’  experience, we know Property Management.

This Management Company is responsible for the maintenance of and services to both internal & external common areas in order to preserve the value of the property as a whole and to ensure that the owners and occupants benefit from the full enjoyment of the common areas. The Management Company is essential in the proper legal and day-to-day running of any development of multiple units whether they are apartment blocks, houses, mixed developments, office blocks etc.

We have a network of local connections

We know the west of Ireland inside out and have worked with many contractors, property developers, engineers, etc so we are always ahead in terms of assessing market demands and ensuring we deliver the best value for your property.

Key Services We Offer

    • Cleaning services for external and internal common areas

    • Periodic refuse collection and recycling services.

    • Servicing and maintenance for electrical fittings and equipment.

    • Electrical and plumbing services including after hours emergency services

    • Servicing and maintenance of all electronic access gates/doors

    • Relevant professionals to assist in the identification of planned maintenance, refurbishment and improvement works and the sinking fund

    • Relevant professionals to advise on maintenance and renewal of mechanical and electrical equipment

    • Annual sterilisation of water tanks

    • Window cleaning services both internally and externally in the common areas.

    • Servicing and maintenance for life & fire safety systems.

    • Servicing and maintenance for mechanical fittings and equipment.

    • Servicing and maintenance of water and sewage pumps

    • Accountant to prepare the Client’s company accounts

    • Relevant professionals to advise on reinstatement value for insurance purposes

    • Financial advisor to advise on investment options for the Client’s funds, in particular the sinking fund

    • Grounds and landscaping maintenance services.

    • Servicing and maintenance for security systems.

    • Vermin and pest control services

    • Servicing, maintenance and periodic inspections of lifts

    • Solicitor for legal representation

    • Health & Safety expert to advise on management, maintenance and inspections of complex

    • Relevant professional to prepare Fire Safety Strategy & Management

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