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Protecting and Enhancing

the Value of Your Assets

TM Properties offers a full management service for block residential developments. Our agents understand that landlords get value for money for their service charge payments, and the building is maintained in accordance with the terms of the lease.

Our comprehensive block management services ensure regular communication with various contractors in respect of maintenance and repairs, insurance of the building to maintain the overall development, the common areas and common services to a high standard, thereby protecting and enhancing the value of the assets under management.

Property Maintenance

Expert services at our disposal

When it comes to dealing with site maintenance, we have a network of property providers and trade professionals that we partner with, to ensure that no matter what problems may arise, we have the services at our disposal to deal with them.

Proven track record in block management

Finally, we have a proven track record in the successful collection of service charges and our collection policy ensures that maintenance fees are promptly paid and processed.

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